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Kiss the clouds and sing me a love song
Where happily ever after is possible and true.
Seasons have clambered and scrambled across
The rolling plains of my life and
The marathon towards death still careens at a quickening pace.
Mountains familiar and conquered stare me down to an ant’s height
And creepy crawlies march and stalk my terrified tread.
On the battered path in holey sneakers,
My trailing scarf drags in the crud of the forest’s squishy and soaked floor
And the dire question is to leave it behind with the past
or relax in the trappings of doubts and failures and fears.
The story of love is a foreign caress upon my ears but
my heart is too accustomed to the evil brushes of that death and
the surest and safest road is to roam and rage against hateful melodies.
The battle between my nervous system and my bloodiest organ
sizzles and pumps artillery against each other to save my hopes, goals, dreams, and life.
Shut me down and leave me to the scavengers—
I cannot reach the treetops, let alone the sky or clouds.
A faery kiss is all I shall ever receive
and only the mirror will reply to my question of beauty.
But darling,
Just this once,
While the battle is at a lull,
Sing me a love song.
Sing Me a Love Song
struggles. past. maybe present.
Well, it’s all good, isn’t it?
The lights, the food, the dripping wax,
And the silver dishes,
The creak in the floorboards,
The sparkling wine and the clink of crystal—
But, is it good?

One shake, one shout, one blast of the music
And the walls shatter like glass
And explode like Hell’s fire.
There is no ceremony or ritual or etiquette
For saving lives, for telling the news,
The oh so important news of their rottenness
And corruption and plastic faces and fake personas
And excellent acting.

We, the alive, the aware, the always noticing few,
Scream and cry with our megaphones
And home-made signs, preaching unto our dying day
To be unique and yourself and special and reach
And fly towards your dreams like it’s a fairytale,
You’ve rode the knight in shining armor just to make the point
That he’s not real and a moldy piece of humanity
Needing to be tossed in the bin—
No more recycling.

Well, it’s not all good, isn’t it?
You’re carrying his baby and all too late
You discover you loved him.
What are your options?
Murder the child and jump back onto the horse,
Like your knight once did,
Or to love the babe and nurture a person
Into the life you demanded for.

To murder or to love?
To scream or to whisper?
To beat one’s chest or to step forward?

Well, is it all good?
Are we all unique yet?
Because I can’t tell heads or tails who am I
And who are you.
Is it all well?
some thoughts...
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  • Reading: too many books

So who will turn the first page?

It never hurts to think. So think. Think.

Have I become an actor?


look right through me
what do you see

How is true beauty measured?

What do you want?


I am lost.


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United States
A writer
A poet
A wanderer
A reader
A music lover
A listener (at least I try to be)
A Christian who loves Jesus
and more...
I am me.

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